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Aircraft & Aircraft MRO Insurance

The aviation industry is among the most accountable and regulated industries.  With a regulatory framework in place, underwriting for risk has become less complex and resulted in softer premiums.  We can assist in placing your clients needs from fueling, hangaring, aircraft maintenance, repair, and service.  Our markets are mainly admitted and have a high limit capacity.


  • Aviation General Liability Insurance

  • Products Completed/Operations coverage  

  • Manufacturing

  • MRO

Vape Insurance & E-Cigarette Insurance


The vape or e-cigarette industry has multiple exposures which include Health Hazards, exploding devices/components, marketing liability, premise exposure, and property risks.  These exposure can only be covered by a vape insurance policy which is designed specifically for the vape industry.  Vaping is not treated the same as a traditional tobacco product under our policy.  This benefits your client in many ways.

Has coverage for your clients recently been restricted?  We can help.  The CALCO Advantage offers solutions.


Protection Against:

  • Health related claims from E-liquids/Devices and components thereof

  • Exploding batteries, devices, and chargers

  • Personal/Advertising Injury

  • Theft/Fire of Business Personal Property


Marijuana & CBD Insurance 

The growth of the Marijuana and CBD market will not slow down in the near future.  There are many uses for them and with the popularity come many opportunities for growth in your agency.  We are here to assist you in placing coverage for your marijuana and CBD risks.

Covered Classes:

  • Retail; including delivery services

  • Growers; indoor/outdoor

  • Harvesters/Third party processors

  • Manufacturers of edibles

  • Distributors/Brokers

  • Laboratories

  • Smoke Shops

  • Landlords

Cryotherapy Insurance/Float Tank/other Therapies

Cryotherapy centers are opening up across the United States.  Calco Commercial Insurance is a specialist in the wellness industry.  We offer a packaged General Liability and Professional Liability package or mono-line Professional Liability with coverage enhancements.  Coverage for BPP is also offered.

Covered Classes:

  • Cryotherapy Centers

  • Cryotherapy  Service - Mobile 

  • Therapies; sports & rehab including cold and compression

  • Cryo Fat Freezing

  • Infrared Saunas    

  • Flotation Tanks

  • Cryo Facials

  • Flotation Center

  • Sensory Deprivation Chambers

  • Infrared Saunas

  • Compression Therapies 

Medical Spa Insurance

The aesthetics industry will continue to grow and prosper as the economy improves.  New invasive and non-invasive procedures are attracting clients from all walks of life, including men.  Beauty always comes at a price and procedures gone wrong result in large lawsuits.  We can place GL/PL/Cyber/BPP insurance coverage from the most basic to the most complicated accounts.  Including accounts with claims.      

Short list of Covered Classes:

  • Laser Center; light/energy devices

  • Injectables - Botox, Juvederm, PRP, Mayers cocktails   

  • Teeth Whitening 

  • Hair Stimulation

  • Fat Transfers

  • Body Contouring

  • Skin Care

Product Liability Insurance

Placing coverage for complex or hard to place consumer and commercial products is our specialty.  We have insured products such as an (experimental) injectable tanning solution to fire-arms to vaping products.   


  • Critical and Non-critical parts for automobiles/aircraft

  • Medical Devices or other devices for wellness

  • New Inventions  

  • Fire Arms

  • Child Products 

  • Beauty Products

  • Clothing/Shoes

  • Technology

  • Product Recall


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