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Vape Insurance


Program A:  Includes Product Liability 

GL Coverage Highlights:


  • NO Health Hazard Exclusion

  • Products/Completed Operations includes coverage for Devices, Components and E-liquids

  • Blanket Additional Insured Vendors Form

  • GL Limits:     250K to 5MM

  • MP:               $2,500

  • Excess:         10MM

Property Coverage Highlights: 

  • Coverage includes Theft

  • 2M ITV Limit 


Property Application
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e-juice insurance.jpg

Program B:  Excludes Product Liability

GL/Property Coverage:

  • GL Limits:           1MM to 5MM

  • Excess Limits:    5MM

  • MP:                     $1,000

  • Excludes Products/Completed Operation

  • Theft included  

  • Waiver of Subrogaration 

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