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Vape Insurance Applications

Basic Policy:  


  • Average Liability Annual Premium $1,500 

  • Average Business Property Annual Premium $1,500

  • General Liability and Business Contents (Fire/Theft)

  • Payment Plan:  YES

  • No coverage for any claims arising our of the vape products you sell

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Enhanced Policy: 

  • Average Liability Annual Premium $11,000 

  • Average Business Property Premium:  $1,600

  • Payment Plan:  YES

  • Provides Product Liability coverage of the vape products you sell

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What is Product Liability?  

Product Liability Insurance is the coverage which provides legal protection against a lawsuit which arises out of a product which you sell.  generally included in a General Liability unless it's specifically excluded. 

Can I still be sued if I am not the manufacturer?

YES.  Regardless if you are the retailer, importer, wholesaler, or manufacturer; you are liable for the product which you sell .  In the event of an injury, all parties are named in the lawsuit, and each must hire their own defense to litigate.  Litigation on vape cases take an average of 2.5 years and averages in defense costs alone $350,000.

What's covered with Enhanced Policy?

Below are examples of the most common claims which have been paid by the insurer: 

  • A device is left charging unattended catches on fire and burned down a house

  • A device/battery explodes causing fire and seriously injuring a person   

What's not covered with the Enhanced Policy?

  • All Health Claims - no coverage for cancer, disease, illness, diagnosis, condition, of any kind  

  • Batteries manufactured by EFEST, LG, MXJO, Samsung, VRK, Lithicore, SubOhmCell, clones, and those labeled not for use in vape/ecig devices

  • NOTE: we have another program which offers no coverage for loose batteries (18650 or similar).  This program is an option for e-liquid liability only and pricing is slightly less 

NOTE:  Information provided on this site is for informational purposes only and does not constitute a guarantee of coverage or a quote.  We offer three programs from three different insurers.  Each has it's own terms, conditions, and policy language.  The quote and policy you ultimately purchase will supersede any information provided here.

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